zondag 1 februari 2015

what the frame does..

Edouard Manet
"An old silent pond.
Into the pond a frog jumps.
Splash! Silence again."

"It is perhaps the best known of all Japanese haiku. No subject could be more humdrum. No language could be more pedestrian. Basho, the poet, makes no comment on what he is describing. He implies no meaning, message, or metaphor. He simply invites our attention to no more and no less than just this: the old pond in its watery stillness, the kerplunk of the frog, the gradual return of the stillness.
In effect he is putting a frame around the moment, and what the frame does is enable us to see not just something about the moment, but the moment itself in all its ineffable ordinariness and particularity."

Frederic Buechner (Beyond Words)

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